Intranet Applications

Intranet Application – A system running on a central server hosting an Intranet site to local network devices, all computers and devices connected to the company network will be able to access the system, this would be managed through a user system to allow and deny access to different areas of the system and to identify actions performed by users.

This method will require a central server to host the Intranet application, this would consist of a Microsoft Windows server running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Express, this will host the application to the local network, users will then be able to use their current browser to connect to the system. The system will fulfil your minimum specifications with possible enhancement during design process due to the nature of the system.


  • Fully Owned system, once delivered there would be no extra costs for the system other than the resources required to run and store the system
  • Full control of installed system due to nature of the application, although a medium understanding of the technology would be required this would be helped by documentation provided at the end of the project
  • Quick and easy upgrades and alterations due to the central nature of the system requiring upgrade in one location, again a medium understanding of the technology would be required
  • Expansion of system features are more varied
  • Access from a browser using any computer without need for an install or devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or even network connected TVs, as well as functioning on non-Microsoft operating systems such as Mac OS


  • Limited upgrade options following technical trends such as operating system and IIS without extra cost to the customer for licences and hardware requirements
  • A medium understanding of the technologies used would be required to maintain and upgrade the system without external support

Extra Costs

  • Owned central office server running
    • Microsoft Windows operating system (Including IIS)
    • Microsoft SQL Express server
  • Running cost of said server


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