Hosted Web Applications

Hosted Web Application – A system running on our secure Hosted Web Application Server, access will be via the internet on a browser at all times, access would be managed through a secure user portal to allow and deny access to different areas of the system and also to identify actions performed by users.

This method is fully managed by ChukStar, the only requirements for the customer is an internet enabled device with a browser installed. Access is not limited to the customers network but available via the Internet. The system will fulfil your minimum specifications with possible enhancement during design process due to the nature of the system.


  • Quick and easy upgrades and alterations with minimal disruption due to the hosted nature of the system, no knowledge would be required for this as all upgrades would be managed by ChukStar at no extra cost.
  • Expansion of system features are more varied
  • Access from any computer with an internet connection without need for an install or devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or even internet connected TVs, as well as functioning on non-Microsoft operating systems such as Mac OS
  • Not limited to the Customers own network
  • No experience or knowledge required to maintain or upgrade the system
  • Backups are supplied as part of the package
  • No local server requirements and their associated costs


  • Internet connection required at all times
  • Ownership of product, Although the system will be designed to run on ChukStar’s application server it will be designed in a way that at the end of any hosting contract the Customer can take ownership of the hosting or transfer to another provider or even host as an intranet system (This may restrict certain extras or enhancements and require a more powerful Customer central server at extra costs) Unlike Software as a Service, Web Applications are only charged for the space and resources they use so you are not tied to us if you want to continue using the system.

Extra Costs

  • Managed Hosting can be provided from a very responsible cost of £10+ per month with discounts available for duration of contract and upfront payment, a market average for such a system would be £50+ p/m with less support than ChukStar would provide


With Prices Starting From Just £1000 And A Monthly Cost From £10, Its As Cheap As A Custom Website.

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