Windows Applications

Local Program – A locally installed application on each computer wanting to use the system.

Windows Application

From an internal chat program to a full data system, we can help you with your everyday office needs.

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Local Data System Example
This method will require a basic specification computer to run the program, data will be stored in a SQL database hosted on your central server.

Providing you with your companies contacts and invoices, to customer information and staff details; We can design and develop the perfect internal system for you companies needs.


  • Fully Owned system, once delivered there would be no extra costs for the system other than the resources required to run and store the system
  • Full control of installed system due to nature of the application requiring a low/ medium technical knowledge to run and manage


  • Limited possibility for future features which may be possible with the other two proposals (see Extra Features)
  • Additions or alterations could be more expensive
  • Limited upgrade options following technical trends such as operating system
  • Upgrades and alterations would require reinstallation/ upgrade of each computer running the application

Extra Costs

  • Owned central office server running
    • Microsoft Windows operating system
    • Microsoft SQL Express server
  • Running cost of said server
  • Remote Update System
  • The Customer is responsible for system backup costs


With Prices Starting From Just £750.

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