About Us

ChukStar offers functionality and expandability to any project worked on.

ChukStar has a fresh new way of looking at your data, saving you time and money in the office environment; Working in the UK we are creating bespoke applications for all styles of data and systems, solving problems customers do not have the skills to see;  We specialise in creating the system you need rather than supplying a system that might do, we endeavour to resolve all your data management needs instead of most of them.

We have experience within the IT and data industry for nearly 15 years, with 17 years customer support experience and over 10 years design and development experience, we are well placed to help you develop not only a bespoke system for managing your data but also your business opportunities through better data management, all while providing a practical solution to your everyday office needs.

We also have specialist experience withinChukStar

  • The Transport Industry, from analysis, vehicle data management
    and remote data streams to designing bespoke systems interacting with
    various software and companies within the industry.
  • Website Design
  • SEO Management – All search engines supported
  • Database Architecture
  • Server Management – On a small and large scale including Cloud Computing.

To find out if we can help you manage your data better, contact us at info@chukstar.co.uk