Bespoke Data Systems

Bespoke Data Systems


From Customer Information to Complete Office Data, we have the solution;
With our customer orientated approach we can solve your office data needs;
Saving you time and money by configuring all your daily data into one bespoke package;
Like a Customer Database with combined data related to the products and services you sell,
we could also integrate with your external systems bringing your data into one package instead of many.

Intranet Applications

We can design and configure a bespoke intranet system for your company;
This will run on your company network allowing users to connect to a central data system,
providing all your data requirements.
All your staff will need to access the system is a browser, saving you costs on installations for all your office computers or IT provider costs.

Starting From Just £1000

No monthly costs

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Hosted Web Applications

We can design, configure and host a secure bespoke web application for your company;
Unlike an Intranet Portal this solution is available to your users wherever they are;
With our secure login method your data will be accessible from the office to the hotel pool.
Using any browser you can access all your important office data under one application.

Starting From £1000

and then from just £10 per month

It’s as cheap as a custom Website

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Windows Applications

With a bespoke Windows Application you can do even more…

Now you can add new data to what you already have with a bespoke windows application to add another dimension to your data, why not manage your staff with a bespoke clocking application, with a simple ‘Click In’ to start work, or an internal Chat System to message staff of important updates or just to check if they are busy.

From as little as £50

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